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Downrange Advanced Leadership Course

The greatest responsibility a person can have is to lead others


U.S. Special Operations Command Unit and Silver Star Recepient

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True leadership is never the rank, position nor the title we hold.
It is the example we set for the people we serve. And we all serve somebody.

—Keni thomas

U.S. Army Ranger and Bronze Star Recipient

Become the type of leader people want to follow


The quickest way to build trust between men and women on a team is by overcoming shared hardship together.

My Mission

Our power lies in our clarity about why we are here. Learn the secrets of Troop leading Procedures followed by U.S. special operations unit.

My People

People who believe they are part of something bigger than themselves will step up for each other. Learn new techniques to provide your people with purpose direction and motivation.


Pushing our limits takes us out of our comfort zone. This is where transformation begins. Become your best-self. Avoid letting "good-enough" become the enemy of better.


Troop Leading Procedures (TLPs) to get 'em unstuck

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What Makes the Downrange Experience so impactful

Tom DiTomasso talks about our greatest responsibility

The One who leads should be the one who serves

Luke 22:26

At Downrange, we believe the greatest responsibility a person can have is to lead others. Leadership is a privilege and a choice we make on a daily basis. It is the example we set for the people we serve. And we all serve somebody. So we must constantly ask ourselves, Who am I leading? What example am I setting? The stronger the example we set, the greater the impact we have on those around us like our coworkers, communities, and families. People are not only listening to what we have to say, they are watching what we do.


One of the biggest challenges we face as leaders, especially those at an advanced level, is how to stay intentional about raising our standard of leadership. As you are well aware, the great leaders never stop learning and seeking new ways to improve. If you are like us, you turn to the absolute best and then model their principles for success.

The Downrange instructors have proven themselves to be the world’s greatest leaders in the most extreme conditions anywhere on the planet. These special operators (Rangers and Special Forces) have put their knowledge and skills to the test over and over when lives were on the line and underperforming was not an option. Now, their sole purpose is to help you become a more elite leader.

Whatever your chosen profession or calling may be, if you are responsible for others who look to you for purpose, direction and motivation, then you have an obligation to serve those people with your absolute best. They have entrusted you with their time, talents, and well-being. As people who set the example for others to follow, you can never take that for granted. Taking care of your troops begins and ends with a personal commitment to becoming your best self.

This is not an easy task. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Then take what you have learned and teach others to do the same. Can you imagine the type of organization you will have when everyone believes they are critical to the success of those around them?

Outstanding servant-leadership is a skill set that is taught. The more you learn, the better you will be equipped to serve others. As good as you may be, we can make you better. Downrange is a transformational opportunity for you to become the type of leader men and women will want to follow! We know you have what it takes.

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At Downrange we believe the greatest responsibility a person can have is to lead others

And the great leaders always seek to learn and push their limits. This is where growth and transformation begins. Outstanding servant-leadership is a skill set that is taught. The more you learn, the better you will be equipped to serve others. As good as you may be, we will make you better.



Downrange Instructors are all combat veterans of the Special Operations community to include Rangers and Special Forces. They are some of the world’s greatest leaders who’s sole purpose now is to help you become a more elite leader. Learn more about D-co instructors and our qualifications at


Downrange is designed specifically for men and women already in leadership positions who want to increase their effectiveness as leaders. If you are like us, the last thing you are looking for is another boot-camp program with hooah-hooah tough guy rhetoric, push-ups, muscles and yelling. At Downrange, we treat you like the professionals you are. In fact, your voice is crucial to the success of everyone going through the program. We have been trusted by all walks of professionals from astronauts, olympians, CEOs, school teachers, tech engineers, first responders, and corn-seed growers.


Downrange is a 3.5 day advanced leadership course taught in an outdoor environment.

We employ the same small-unit leadership techniques taught by the US Army Ranger School and Special Forces selection course. It’s hard to have a testimony with out a test. So you will be tested, and because we keep you moving, you will find yourself outside of your comfort zone. This is intentional and beneficial. It is at this point where the leadership challenges of motivating others become most apparent. We keep you safe. We make it incredibly fun. And our instructors are there side by side with you every step of the way.
Every shot fired. Every river crossed. Every lesson learned.

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Downrange is located in the western slope region of the Rocky Mountains at the Highlonesome Ranch outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. Students should plan their travel to and from Grand Junction Airport NLT 12:00 noon



This is typical of a special operations squad-sized element and ensures our cadre provide you with maximum attention.


  • JUNE 26 - JUNE 29 (SOLD OUT)
  • AUG 21 - AUG 24


  • OCT 2 - OCT 5

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Downrange provides all meals, lodging, equipment, ammo, instruction and transportation to and from Oklahoma City Airport. Flights to and from Oklahoma City are not covered.

  • 1 Person $6500
  • 2-3 People $6000
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A $1000.00 non-refundable deposit is required per person to reserve your spot. Full-payment is expected one (1) month from your course date.


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